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Anti-Freeze Flush

Be Ready for Winter. Schedule your Anti-Freeze Flush.

Protect your car from the harshness of winter before the first snowfall with a necessary anti-freeze flush. Draining and replacing anti-freeze only goes so far. To extend your car's lifespan and ensure everything is running safely, flushing your car's cooling system is crucial. Anti-freeze flushing consists of cleaning the cooling system with circulating water and cleaning agents throughout the engine. Flushing will remove sediments and sludge that has accumulated over time to prevent coolant breakdowns and clogging.

How do I Know if I Need an Anti-Freeze Flush?

Changing seasons and the age or condition of your car may make it more prudent to have an anti-freeze flush every year or even every season. If you're not sure, contact us today and we'll help you determine if an anti-freeze flush is necessary.

Schedule your anti-freeze flush to ensure your coolant system is examined for leaks and defects and treated properly.

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